Sounds of Japan (2018)

A shot video diary of all the interesting sounds I came across while travelling across Japan.

ROME: Total War for iPad – Release Trailer (2016)

While working at Feral Interactive I was responsible for editing their trailers.

My personal favourite trailer was for the release of Rome: Total War on iPad. I devised the trailer, captured all the footage and edited it. Graphics and copy came with the assistance of other departments.

Niteo (2010)

Niteo is a short film that uses glitter to illustrate the flowing of channels underwater.

Limited rights to the footage were sold to The Discovery Channel in 2012.

BeatYourBest (2011)

BeatYourBest was a concept for a marketing campaign devised while at university. We wanted to inspire people to improve personal fitness by beating their previous personal bests.

The video component was ad I made that was cut together from rousing monologues in sports movies to inspire viewers to go and train. We used JJB as an example of  a company that might use this campaign, but the video is not associated with them in any way.

Miracaal (2010)

One for the videogame fans out there.

I got into editing by making montages of high-level gameplay in Halo 3. Miracaal was my last montage and my favourite.