Submission Guidelines

The details below help me stay on top of everything, plus there’s some information just to confirm that you will always retain the rights to your projects 🙂


When submitting a project via the contact form, please include the following information:

  • Project Name
  • Project type (short story, script, etc)
  • Brief description (not a synopsis, I want to discover that for myself!)
  • Link to where I can download your project
    • Please use a file sharing website such as WeTransfer or similar. To avoid downloading spam or viruses, I will likely not click this link until we have spoken a little bit. Depending on the speed of our exchange, you may need to re-upload your project.

The writer always retains the rights to their projects. Never me.

This should go without saying really. Please note that anything I write here isn’t exactly drafted by a lawyer or anything. I just want there to be a written record that makes perfectly clear I do not expect ownership, remuneration or credits on your work.

If you would feel more comfortable drafting up a legal document before I review your work, something that guarantees your ownership of the project, knock yourself out. I’ll be happy to accommodate your needs as best I can.