Hey, I’m Matt.

I really like writing stories, I’ve made a bunch of videos in my free time and for work, plus I have extensive experience art working and managing projects on major motion pictures.

On this website you’ll find a limited selection of my portfolio, plus links to things that I do just for fun such as drawing a weekly comic or reviewing films using Venn diagrams.

To help you learn a bit more about me, here are some of my pros and cons:

Pros Cons
• I once held the honour of having the top post on Reddit • I can’t grow a full beard 🙁
• I have worked in almost every type of media: Film, T.V., gaming, publishing (just radio to go) • After a make a good joke I always get too excited and follow it up with a bad one

Enjoy! And if you ever think I can be of help on a projects of yours, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

– Matt